Diana Stevens

Contemporary Mosaics

Diana began her first mosaic, Still Point, during a sleepless week hiding away in her barn studio, barely remembering to stop to eat. This self-taught abstract was an exploration of themes that still inform her work — the combination and juxtaposition of traditional Byzantine materials with found, natural elements. Diana is fascinated by combining disparate materials using traditional and contemporary styles and techniques in a modern interpretation. The Society of American Mosaic Artists exhibited Still Point in their 2005 International show in San Francisco. Inspired by this success, she traveled to Italy to study traditional mosaic techniques with Luciana Notturni at the Mosaic Art School in Ravenna. A year later she moved to Italy to live with her family to study at the Accademia di Belle Arte where Aesthetics of Decay was born. She began the Indian Madonna at Orsoni in Venice. This portrait went on to win Best 2D at SAMA in 2010 and a Juror's Choice award at the Oswego Arts Festival. Aesthetics of Decay was exhibited at the premiere of  the Festival Internazionale di Mosaico in 2009.  Diana's first major installation was Blackbird's Nest, a 3’ x 7’ piece for  Blackbird Kitchen in Bozeman, Montana and was included in the 2012 SAMA juried art show. She has since delivered a second Nest, a “floating” version of the original to a client in North Carolina, and is currently finishing a three dimensional version  for another client in St. Louis. In the meantime, she has embarked on an ambitious portraiture project with two pieces finished so far, each 3’ by 4’ — Bluesinger and Ecuadorian — which are currently on display in Bozeman.

Diana and her husband have recently sold their farm and are moving onto a 46 foot sailboat to begin sailing south from San Francisco this summer to Mexico, the Galapagos and points beyond. She hopes to bring her mosaic exploration literally, out into the world.